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"Montero Violins always provides exceptional quality rental instruments complete with upgraded strings allowing my students the best sounding instruments of any vendor with whom I’ve worked.  They offer quick, quality, and reasonably priced repairs on both my school instruments and my students rentals.  Their convenient location also allows my students and parents to easily drop by for accessories or a quick repair in between lessons.

                                       -Ryan Williams, Elementary Strings & Orchestra Teacher, East Penn School District

"Montero Violins has all your string needs!  Mr. Montero also has been so helpful with the Stroudsburg Area School District's needs.  He is more than just a salesman.  He has taken time out of his own schedule to help the string teachers tune students before concerts, assist on violin in the high school musical, play as a soloist in a high school performance, come in and play for general music and pick up and deliver instruments whenever we need a repair.  I fully trust Montero Violins to repair my own violin and viola.  I can't thank Mike Montero and his wife Jennifer enough for all their support that they have given Stroudsburg School District!  Stroudsburg is VERY lucky to have such a kind, caring and trusting music store right in town!                                             -Wendy Wilson, String Specialist, Stroudsburg School District

"Pennsylvania is lucky to have Montero Violins!  They offer outstanding, personalized service, and their instruments are high quality.  My students and I have always experienced excellent service from Montero Violins and I'm always happy to recommend them to any string player."

-Melissa Socci, Cello Teacher & Professional Cellist

"I recommend Montero Violins to my friends and students because Mike is a violin whisperer. Over the last couple years, he has completely changed the sound of my violin for the better between sound post adjustments and a new bridge. He has also been extremely patient to educate both me and my students about violin setup and maintenance. He is an expert at his craft, and I have enjoyed finally feeling comfortable with a luthier (violin maker and restorer)

                                  -Dr. Michael Jorgensen, Professor of Practice in Orchestral Strings, Lehigh University

Montero Violins has quickly become the home to string repairs and purchasing in and around the Lehigh Valley due to their fantastic quality of instruments, repairs, and customer service. Mike and Jen truly care about their work and customers lending expert advice to string students, teachers, and professionals all over our area. I trust Montero Violins not only with my students' school rentals and repairs but also with my personal instruments and other string needs. They work quickly and efficiently and you can always expect the best results and products. Thanks for all you do!!

                                                                                                 -Marissa Guarriello, Palisades School District Orchestras

"His adjusting skills are exceptional—a combination of his 'good hands' with instruments, and physical instincts that are native to him and which cannot simply be learned."

                                       -Donald DalMaso, Professional Violist and Musical Director of the Joyce Ensemble

"Dear Mike and Jennifer, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the things you folks have done for me and the students here at the High School this year!  From your speedy professional instrument repairs and bow re-hairs to the time you have spent working with our kids in rehearsals and performing the Vivaldi concerto, we have enjoyed every moment of your time! It was really awesome that you took time out of your busy schedule to work with our pit orchestra and play in the shows for the Music Man this year, too! What a fantastic opportunity for our students to see a real, living, breathing professional musician at work! It makes the profession real to them in  a way they might never see.  You are always there to support our kids and me and I am forever grateful to you both! I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and with Montero Violins!"

                                                                                       -Lisa Rogers, Orchestra Director, Stroudsburg School District

"Getting a cello adjusted is a tricky business!  I was very impressed that Mike Montero took the trouble to call the maker of my cello in Colorado and discuss the maker's ideas and theories about how to get the sound post into an optimal position for my particular cello.  Mike really went the extra mile!  Not only was it very pleasant to work with Mike, but I was really happy with the results!"

                                                                                                                -Debbie Davis, Cello Teacher & Professional Cellist

"Montero Violins provides instruments and bows of the utmost quality, offers outstanding service, and is committed to fully understanding the needs of their local musical community."

                                                                                                                                           -Kevin Reynolds, Client, New York City

"Great experience in selecting Joshua's next viola.  Excellent service in sizing, selection and assistance in selecting a viola.  Highly recommend this shop."                                      -Emory Kohut, Parent of viola student

"Thank you Jennifer for helping Ashley purchase her violin!  Great service!"

                                                                                                               -Audrey Hoffman Latshaw, Parent of violin student


"Many thanks for making my violin sound wonderful again!  When I brought my violin to you for a yearly check-up, you noticed the sound post wasn’t in the right place and you fixed it.  Then I brought my bow to you suspecting it might need to be re-haired.  Now that I’ve played my violin with that new bow hair, it sounds amazing.  I’m thrilled!  When I need new strings for my violin, I’m going to visit with you and Jennifer again to get your recommendation for that as well."                        -Debbie Nease, Returning Client


"Absolutely wonderful, talented, kind and patient staff (great sense of humor to boot). We have tried several places and really can't get any better than Montero. Top of the line. Also has to be noted the Stroudsburg location is just stunning beautiful even just to visit in the historic Victorian that has always been a center piece in town. Now with Montero Violins there even more gorgeous .....a must see!"

                                                                                                                                   -Robin Nicholson, Parent of Violin Student


"My daughter is absolutely loving her lessons - she comes home excited to practice! We are lucky to be close to such an extraordinary talent!  Thank you!"                            -Kirsten Hess, Parent of a Viola Student



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