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Montero Violins is a full service violin shop, serving customers in the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos and New Jersey. Do you have an old violin that you’re not sure what to do with?  At Montero Violins, we can evaluate your instrument to determine what repairs are needed, provide an overall cost to repair it, and give you the value of your instrument. Finally, we carry a complete line of accessories to complement your instrument needs including competitively priced strings, cases, shoulder rests, and more.  Please see further details below.

Repairs and Restorations


Montero Violins provides a full range of repair and restoration services.  We also handle our customers minor repairs such as open seams, bridge straightening or replacement and sound post replaement and adjustments.  We also offer bow rehairing which is completed in our shop. If you are not sure what repairs are needed to get your instrument in proper playing condtion, set up an appointment to have your instrument evaluated.  Mike will review with you what repairs are required or recommended and provide you with a no obligation estimate to complete the repairs.



Montero Violins carries a full line of accessories to support our customers' needs including:


Shoulder Rests: Kun, SUMI, Everest, KPE, Wolfe, Mach One, Bonmusica, and sponges.


Instrument Cases: We have a complete line of cases for violins, violas and cellos.

We feature the industry standard for quality, Bobelock cases,  but also carry a wide range

of options including cases by Tonareli, American Case, Elana and Howard Core.


Strings: Montero Violins carries a full line of strings available for purchase. Don’t be afraid to purchase locally as our prices are competitive with major on-line string retailers.


Music: At Montero Violins, we carry a large selection of music for beginning players including all Suzuki Violin, Viola Cello, Bass books and CD’s as well as Essential Elements, New Directions, Strictly Strings, Artistry in Strings, and many more.  We also stock string etude books, solo works, as well as movie and theater themed music.   All other selections are available by special order.


Humidifiers:  We feature Boveda, Dampit and Stretto Case Humidifiers. These are an excellent way to protect your instrument.


Other accessories include rosin, mutes, polishing cloths, chin rest pads, metronome/tuners, music stands, & more!



Many customers have instruments whose origin or value is unclear. Set up an appointment with Montero Violins and we will evaluate it to identify its origin and our opinion as to the value. We will also evaluate what repairs are needed. There is no charge for an evaluation, however, there is a fee if you need a formal, documented appraisal for insurance purposes.


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