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Instruments & Bows

Montero Violins carries a broad range of instruments from student level to professional quality. We invite you to visit our shop to play on any of the instruments that we offer from a variety of workshops.  We specialize in instruments starting at a few hundred dollars.  We caution you of other shops who claim of having the best entry-level instruments around. The truth is, there are many fine workshops producing exceptional instruments of all levels. The workshops that we represent are among the many that produce high quality instruments and we offer them at a great price! 


We work with small workshops who produce a limited quantity of instruments. The larger factory workshops produce the junk we find on the Internet and on Ebay. This is truly a disservice to you since the instruments are of an inferior quality. Think of these instruments like buying a car with bald tires and leaky brake lines.  They will never perform the way they should.  The smaller workshops have makers who have been training for many years with the best in the world.


“But I just want to get my child something that is inexpensive.”  If finances are an issue with purchasing an instrument, then we suggest renting one.  For the same price or better, you will receive an instrument that is properly set up, which will be easier for your child to play.  Having bad equipment from the start will ensure that your child struggles with learning a new instrument.  In any field, success depends on the quality of tools we use. You cannot carve a masterful wood sculpture with a dull knife.  This same analogy applies to playing an instrument.  When you rent an instrument, you may use your lease credit towards the purchase of your very own instrument, so the equity that you accumulate is not wasted in the renting process.  


While most instruments come 'shop adjusted' from the workshop in which they were made, we set-up each iof our instruments to insure that it performs at its utmost quality.  This includes the installation of a new bridge, sound post, adjusting the pegs, shaping the fingerboard, and checking for proper neck angle. This is completed to ensure you leave with an instrument that both structurally and tonally ready for you.  All instruments and bows purchased at Montero Violins may be traded in at 100% towards an instrument of higher value barring no cosmetic or structural damage.  Items requiring repair will be deducted from your trade credit.

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