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Regarded as one of the finest bow makers in the world, Montero VIolins is proud to offer exceptional Pernambuco bows crafted by the lead artisans at Arcos Brasil.  The nickel mounted bow is a excellent choice for those looking to upgrade from a rental quality bow. Silver mounted bows are also available.  In addition to the wood bows, Arcos Brasil also provides carbon fiber bows as an excellent alternative for students and advancing students.  A good quality bow can make all of the difference, so call us to try out a few today!

L'Archet Brasil produces some of the most exquisit hand made Pernambuco bows in the world.  Each bow is carefully hand selected and is offered in a variety of styles, mounts, and represented by many of the shops' fine makers. 

Eduardo Silva workshop bows are among our most popular.  His bows serve the most demanding advance students and serious amateurs.  Silva bows offer a warm sound with excellent control and fast response.  Available for violin, viola, cello and bass are available in nickel and silver mountings.  

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