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Frequently Asked Questions 



Question:  Do I need a teacher to begin playing the violin, viola, cello or bass?                             

Answer:  Yes, you should find a teacher even before renting or buying your instrument. Playing a string instrument, even if you are "just seeing if you like it" truly requires a teacher to get you started.   


Question:  Should I rent or buy?

Answer: Rentals are designed for the new student and provide a short-term commitment option while the student learns the basic skills of his or her instrument. Once the student begins to make the decision to play for an extended period (longer than 1 year) it is beneficial and cost-efficient to buy the instrument.


Question: What kind of instrument will I be renting?

Answer: Montero Violins offers quality rentals that are good-working instruments with great sound quality. They are ideal for the beginning student during the first year of instrument exploration. 


Question: Does Montero Violins stock accessories and music?

Answer: We have numerous titles of sheet music and books, all Suzuki materials, violin viola cello and bass strings, violin viola  cello and bass cases, violin viola cello and bass bows, mutes, tuners, shoulder pads, rosin, stands, and musical novelties for gifts to students and teachers...everything you'll need for your stringed instrument!


Question: Does Montero Violins offer lease credit towards the purchase of an instrument?

Answer: You may use your lease credit towards the purchase of an intermediate or advancing instrument in our showroom.  This is a wonderful way to build up equity, especially if your child begins with a fractional sized instrument.  Please refer to our lease agreement for further details.


Question: What does the rental insurance cover?

Answer: Our rental rates include insurance on your instrument rental. Our insurance covers any damage to the instrument, bow and case however, negligence, broken bows due to over tightening, strings, and bridges are not covered. 


Question: What if my child outgrows their rental instrument?

Answer: We are happy to switch the rental size throughout the contract period at no additional cost. 


Question: What if I need to return my instrument early?

Answer: You may return your instrument at any time.  If you decide to purchase an instrument from us, we will apply the unused portion of your rental to the sale price. Please see our lease agreement for our return policy.





Question: What is Montero Violins’s trade-in policy?

Answer: Instruments purchased from Montero Violins may be traded-in for 100% of the purchase price.  We do not accept multiple instruments for trade-in to purchase one new instrument.  All items considered for trade in must be inspected by Montero Violins for damage, in which case, an adjustment would need to be made to determine your trade- in value.  


Question: What is an outfit?

Answer: An outfit is the instrument, case, and bow.


Question: Do I need an appointment to try instruments?

Answer: An appointment is highly recommended, and we are always happy to show instruments during our store hours. However, if you know ahead of time a date and/or time you will be coming, an appointment is advised to enable us to best accommodate your specific needs. 


Question: Does Montero Violins ship instruments?

Answer: Yes, we ship instruments out for trial and purchase. Contact us if you are interested in our shipping option. A valid credit card will be needed. A nominal fee to ship the instruments will be applied.


Question: I have an instrument from another shop…can I trade that in?

Answer: We will consider trade-ins not purchased from us on an individual basis.


Question: What about insurance?

Answer: Upon purchase of your new instrument please contact your home owner’s insurance agent and inquire about obtaining a “no deductible insurance rider” for your instrument. This will save you much unnecessary grief and heartache if an accident were to occur. 





Question: How long does it take to re-hair a bow?

Answer: All bows are re-haired on site at one of the two Montero Violins locations.  The standard turn-around time for a bow re-hair is 48 business hours, however, this time frame may be longer based on workload and availaiblity.   Loaner bows are available upon request. 


Question: How often should I re-hair my bow?

Answer: It is standard to re-hair a bow every 6 months to a year; however this period may vary depending on the amount of use the bow gets. 


Question: Should I replace my strings?

Answer: Broken or false strings should not be used. Additionally, overused strings may start to sound dull, and should be changed to ensure optimum sound quality in your instrument. We are happy to check your strings for you here at the shop at no charge, or your teacher can suggest when the strings are in need of replacement. Please inquire about our string prices. Montero Violins recommends washing your hands before you play to better preserve your strings. Keeping your strings clean will also prolong their life.


Question: I can’t turn my pegs, and am having trouble tuning my instrument.

Answer: Changes in humidity can make tuning difficult. It is best to try to limit these humidity changes as much as possible. Montero Violins recommends using a humidifier in the winter, and a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the summer. There are also adjustments that should be made to the pegs at the start of each new season. 



**Please note that it is best to avoid home repairs. Montero Violins is always glad to give you an estimate on repairs upon examination at no cost. 


Call us at 610.965.2756 (Emmaus Location) or 570.801.1657 (Stroudsburg Location) if you have any additional questions or to make an appointment. 

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