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Renting an instrument is the generally the student’s first experience with an instrument.  At Montero Violins, we offer a comprehensive rental service of violins, violas, cellos and basses for students of any age.  All our instruments are of excellent quality and are adjusted in our shop for the best tone quality and playing ease.  Montero Violins is owned and operated by a family of string players and teachers, with university degrees in music, plus years of solo performance work, orchestral teaching experience and conducting experience.  We understand instrumental needs for musicians of all ages and advancement. Our instrument rental program is very simple, easy to understand and efficient.  Learn about why you should choose Montero Violins to rent your instrument.  After reading all of the reasons why you should choose Montero Violins, you will understand why we are your first choice for string rental instruments in the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos!




• Our rental price includes damage coverage   (Negligence, however, is not covered.  Please see our lease agreement      for further details.) 

• We rent only quality instruments

We are not a national chain!  Our business is family owned and operated

• We offer quality service accompanied with a great price

• Free size upgrades when your child grows into the next size

• At your request, instruments and supplies can be delivered to your child’s school

• Lease credit applied towards the purchase of your own instrument


Instruments can either be rented monthly or annually.  All rented instruments are set up in our shop (not factory set up) by Luthier Michael Montero.  They feature Wittner tailpieces, ebony fittings, Tomastik Alphayue, D'Addario Ascente, Warchal Karneol, Jargar, Kaplan, or Helicore strings, quality cases and carbon fiber bows.   All repairs, with the following exceptions, are included in the lease rate except for over tightened bows, broken strings, severe damage to cases beyond normal wear and tear, and any damage due to negligence will not be covered (example: you leave the instrument on the floor and someone steps on it).  Please note that under normal use and when properly taken care of, repairs occur quite infrequently. Circumstances beyond the control of the student will be taken into account when evaluating a rented instrument that needs repair.

Rent your instrument online today!  Simply click the button below to get started!

If you prefer to visit our shop and would like to bring a completed lease with you, you can print our lease agreement.  Please contact us with any additional questions that you may have.  We are happy to help!


You may terminate your lease agreement at  any time by returning it to Montero Violins.  If we provide service to your school and you would like us to pick it up,  please call our shop at 610.965.2756.  Instruments that are left at school will not be picked up without advanced authorization from Montero Violins.

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