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Virtuoso Violin, ball end E String Set - Medium

Virtuoso strings are a great choice for dark to neutral sounding instruments where they offer a beautiful, warm sound with great projection. And, given their moderate tension, they particularly benefit older instruments. These strings let you achieve a nuance in sound unprecedented with standard synthetic core strings. The medium tension strings show extraordinary string response, playability, and sound modulation capability.


Set Includes:

  • Virtuoso Violin E - steel, ball
  • Virtuoso Violin A - aluminum/composite fiber
  • Virtuoso Violin D - silver/composite fiber
  • Virtuoso Violin G - silver/composite fiber


Weight: 0.1 lbs 

Brand: Virtuoso

String: Set

Size: 4/4

Core Material: Synthetic

Gauge: Medium

String End: Ball

Virtuoso Violin, ball end E String Set - Medium

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